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Chalk & Gibbs has always been committed to serving the citizens of Eastern North Carolina.  In 2015 Chalk & Gibbs wanted to form their own charity, in addition to the ongoing support that they provide to the community.  On March 7, 2013 one of our founder's grandson was born with epilepsy. In March Weeks will turn 8 and has progressed tremendously, but the neurological disease impacted his ability to walk and talk. Through Weeks’ strength and resiliency, CG Foundation was formed.

It was apparent to the Chalk & Gibbs family how little support and education was available to those struggling with seizures.  We learned a great deal about epilepsy, its affect on individual families as well as the lack of support groups and education available to patients and caregivers, specifically in Eastern North Carolina.

In five years CG Foundation has raised nearly $250,000.  A significant portion of the proceeds have been donated to NC Epilepsy Alliance to provide financial assistance for medication needs in Eastern North Carolina. A portion of the proceeds have been donated to Epilepsy research, in particular KCNQ2 disorder.  Once Weeks Chalk began attending preschool, it was apparent that there was not enough special needs playground equipment.  Since 2017, CG Foundation has donated approximately $30,000 to schools and playgrounds.  Playing Through for Epilepsy, CG Foundation continues to identify opportunities and events that support families with epilepsy in the Eastern North Carolina.

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