On March 7, 2013, the Chalk family was blessed with the arrival of their first son and grandson, Weeks Chalk. Weeks was diagnosed with infantile spasms, seizures and epilepsy. Over the years, he progressed tremendously, but the neurological disease impacted his ability to crawl, walk and talk. At almost five years old, Weeks has undergone numerous treatments and has endured more doctors’ visits than any child should. Through Weeks’s strength and resiliency, CG Foundation was formed.

Because of Weeks, the Chalk family learned a great deal about epilepsy, its affect on individual families as well as the lack of support groups and education available to patients and caregivers, specifically in Eastern North Carolina.

Who's affected by epilepsy

As a family committed to Carteret County since 1925 through their business Chalk & Gibbs Insurance and Real Estate, the families quickly realized the difference they could make on their own community and formed CG Foundation, a 501(c) 3, not-for-profit organization.


Since 2015, CG Foundation has raised nearly 240,000. A portion of the proceeds have been donated to epilepsy research. In 2017, CG Foundation donated $10,700 to Carteret Pre-School Center to purchase specialized therapeutic play equipment. The Foundation also has a partnership with the North Carolina Epilepsy Foundation. Together, the foundations identify families in Eastern North Carolina in need of financial assistance for their epilepsy medication and medical bills. In addition to its staple event, Playing Through for Epilepsy, CG Foundation continues to identify opportunities and events that support families with epilepsy in the Eastern North Carolina.


Weeks inspired change and progress in our area for epilepsy awareness, treatment and prevention. Through Weeks, the Eastern North Carolina community has seen great improvement in the support, education and assistance of families and individuals impacted by epilepsy. The Chalk family and CG Foundation are committed to the treatment, prevention and cure of epilepsy and look forward to assisting our community for many years to come.

About Epilepsy

Epilepsy is a neurological condition that causes a tendency for recurrent seizures. Seizures are symptoms of an underlying dysfunction in the brain. These symptoms can take many different forms ranging from a convulsion in which the person loses consciousness, stiffens, and begins to shake in the extremities to a brief starring spell during which the person is not aware of what is happening. The part of the brain affected determines how the symptoms of a seizure will appear.


Epilepsy affects approximately 3 million people in the United States with approximately 200,000 new cases are diagnosed each year. In North Carolina, approximately 80,000 people have epilepsy. 1 in 26 people will have a seizure at some point in their life. It is the most common neurological condition in children and second only to stroke in adults.

 Mission Statement

This Corporation is organized for the primary purpose of functioning and serving as a community-based foundation soliciting gifts and pledges and raising funds for the prevention, treatment and cure of epilepsy. We are an affiliate of the national Epilepsy Foundation, the Epilepsy Foundation of North Carolina is a nonprofit 501(c) 3 organization. It is supported solely by the generosity of the community to serve families affected by epilepsy.




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